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Website Insurance

Information is a significant component of any organization’s competitive strategy, the security laps of which would end up in reputational, competitive, contractual and financial disadvantages.Hacksurance aims to offer a highly specialized service where by insurance products relating to the internet as website insurance, online business insurance, small business insurance, ecommerce insurance etc. As the technology gets even more portable and powerful, the exponential rise in risks will be the next big trend.

According to 2014 Internet Security Threat Report – “There is a 91% rise in targeted attack campaigns in 2013; also 1 in 8 legitimate websites have a critical vulnerability”, thereby making it a necessity for all website owners to adopt an online business insurance policy to mitigate this potential risk.
We at hacksurance keep you insured against various risk such as

  • Cyber attacks
  • Virus and malware
  • Maintenance issues
  • Server security
  • Server issues
  • Cms updation issues
  • Database issues
  • Load balancing issues
  • DDOS Attacks
  • Network issues, bandwidth issues
  • Trojan virus

And many more..

Hacksurance will give you the best of website insurance with its wealth of experience and market knowledge to keep your cyber space secure.

Website Security and Maintenance

What if our website safeguards you against the ever evolving smarter, shadier and stealthier security risks? “Crashing websites and overwhelming data centers, a new generation of cyber attacks is costing millions and straining the structure of internet.” With growing volume and sophistication of cyber attacks, your business stands at risk. Don’t let your website security stand in chance!!
Hacksurance offers you website security and maintenance which includes assessments, audits and post breach protection to ensure that your website remains out of the threat landscape.

Our aim is to keep your website up, available and running where we look to address issues such as

  • Website downtime: Website downtime can infuriate visitors, affect user confidence, loyalty and ultimately your revenues. Google also avoids to keep dead pages or dead sites in the search results, as the website downtime will affect the SEO and your site reputation.
  • Bandwidth issues: In case of high network connections, the server crashes which often leads to unavailability of the website and eventually leads to loss of customers.
  • Database issues: Good performance of Web databases provides a company with a definite edge over competitors while poor performance makes it seriously handicapped.
  • Server issues
  • Maintenance issues
  • Content management system issues
  • Virus and malware issues
  • Cyber attacks.

After taking our services you don’t have to worry about your website security and other website related issues. Always keep in mind that the secure and faster site creates happy users.

Covert and surreptitious attack poses a potential threat to an average of 99% website affecting its credibility and revenues. Why take a chance and suffer loses? Any online business seeks to increase its reputation, brand, rating and revenues by increasing its target audience. Insurance helps you achieve this without any security issue affecting your site.

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