Hacksurance - Insurance against cyberattacks, it helps you secure your online business and provides website insurance.

Our main aim is to keep your website up, available and running.

Hacksurance not only identifies security holes but also provides you online business insurance which covers yours website against all cyber attacks, data thefts, server security, software security and everything else that could pose a potential threat to your company’s online business. It also efficiently manages and provides year round maintenance. Therefore, addressing your entire plethora of security concerns.
Why take a chance? “So insure before it get too late with our website insurance, security and maintenance packages.

Hacksurance-Insurance against cyberattacks

On an average 75% of visitors abandon a webpage, turning impatient if it takes more than 4 seconds to load, seriously affecting your website’s bounce rate, traffic, ranking and revenues.

On an average a website is 99% prone to cyber attacks resulting in loss of brand, revenue and data.

Though many businesses consider interruption insurance that settle your claims and losses for the requisite period,but the reputation and brand loss that the company suffers is irreparable.. so why take a chance and let this happen ,when you can remain 24*7 insured..


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